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British researchers found vitamin D helps to relieve muscle fatigue

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A team from Newcastle University, UK, found that muscle function is improved with vitamin D supplements which are believed to enhance the activity of the mitochondria. Researchers say vitamin D is essential for boosting energy levels and making muscles work effectively.
The researchers introduced that they used magnetic resonance imagingtechnologyobserved 12 vitamin D deficiency patients with conditions such as muscle fatigue. Theresults found that after giving moderate doses of vitamin D supplements for 10-12 weeks, these patients’ creatine phosphate recovery speed had generally accelerated in their bodies, along with significantly improved muscle fatigue symptoms.
The researchers also explained that mitochondria are the cells' energy source which can provide necessary chemicals for muscle contraction creatine phosphatewhile creatine phosphate recovery speed after consumption shows the activity of mitochondria. The study found that vitamin D helps to maintain the normal function of mitochondria, thereby improve the efficiency of mitochondria, and speed up the "energy source" supplement of creatine phosphate.
The researchers said that sun bathing, eat some fish and egg yolks, can help to supplement vitamin D. And for a serious lack of vitamin D, moderate doses of vitamin supplements are also a good choice. However, vitamin D supplementation is not the more the better. Earlier studies have shown that for older women, when vitamin D in blood lower than 20 ng or 30 ngper milliliter, the occurrence of debilitating would be relatively higher.
Date: Apr. 11, 2013