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Three groups of people are not fit to foot bath

Post Time:2013-04-09 [Large Middle Small] View:

Actually, warm foot bath is not fit for every one, especially for three groups of people below, since it would worsen their illness.
The first group is diabetics. Due to the neurologic disease caused by diabetes, patients peripheral nerves can not perceive the change of outside temperature correctly, which make them are vulnerable to burn. Furthermore, high water temperature is easily to trigger foot infection and accelerate deterioration of diabetes.
The second group not fit to warm foot bath is patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Because sometimes, the water for foot bath is quite hot, that would stimulate nerves and expanse capillary vessels. The high temperature may speed up the flow of blood, thus overload heart and vessels in short time, which will worsen certain diseases.
The third group is those people whose foot get cold injury. The low temperature will stiffen skin and muscles, at this moment, hot water for foot bath can cause sudden change from cold into hot, result in peeling off muscles from bones.
Provenance: Xinmin Evening News
Date: March 13, 2013